Friday, 20 May 2011

Works on the Wye Valley Walk

Wye Valley AONB volunteers have been working on the Wye Valley Walk to improve access to the viewpoints, newly conserved  as part of the Overlooking the Wye Project. This portion of the walk takes in the designed eighteenth century landscape created by Valentine Morris and celebrated through the Picturesque movement
Historic features along the path include the Alcove, Grotto, Platform and Giant's Cave. Between these fascinating features, walkers are now able to benefit from a broadened pathway on some of the most challenging sections of the walk.

There is still more work to be done and we will return to this job later in the year, giving the group the opportunity to assess how the improved surface has fared over the busy summer months.

                                                                All hands on Deck

Thirteen volunteers toiled with spades mattocks put the path back onto it's historic line.

                                                          Consolidating the new surface

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